Initial cost at NOW ROOM is ¥0.

You can find a room and live from a minimum duration of one week.

Short-term rental with furniture and home appliances.

We offer the No. 1 service.

FEATURENOW ROOM - 3 features

FASTContract process requires
1/10 less time than normal contract

For existing monthly apartments, it takes 2-3 weeks from the time you inquire to the time you receive the key, but NOW ROOM can be completed through the app and you can make a reservation in about 30 minutes. You can move in the same day.

CHEAPYou can get 30% discount on average depend on contract amount

NOW ROOMは通常サイトより平均約30%OFF

MORENo.1 monthly listings in condos


* Number of listing in Tokyo as of January 2021

BUSINESS USEBenefits of business introduction

Book online easily

Ideal for business situation under covid-19
book online without face to face contract


Fully furnished, utilities and Wi-Fi - all inclusive

You can move in immediately without any utilities application, so you can save money.


● No need to prepare furniture and home appliances
● Immediate response to sudden business trips and transfers
● Easy expense report because of all inclusive utilities
● Need Wi-Fi? It’s ready for your work.

No initial fee or brokerage fee

No deposit, No key money, No brokerage fee. There is no initial cost.
You can easily move in even for a short period of time.


Deposit ¥0

Key money ¥0

Brokerage fee ¥0


We offer a variety of rooms for the range from single household to families

We meet a variety of needs, from spacious rooms for families to studios for single households

Short Term Rental 30,000 rooms

USE CASEBusiness use cases

You can use from the duration of one week.
We meet your various needs, short-term and long-term use.

Business Trip
Acceptance of overseas human resources
Company Housing
Corporate Training

Actual number of contracts

Approx. more than 3,000

USER VOICE Feedback from the user company

Cost performance of short-term rental was the best at NOW ROOM.

We rented a property from NOW ROOM on a monthly basis for our company housing of our construction project. NOW ROOM has a lot of listings and there were so many choices, we didn’t have any trouble with choosing one. There were many discounted properties on last-minute sales, and we were able to rent it as cheap as normal rent. We ended up rented the property for 6 months, and we renewed the contract each time without changing the property.

Also, it was good that an applicant himself could complete booking process with the app, which saved our time of management. In addition to furniture and home appliances, amenities such as tableware were fully equipped, and we were very satisfied that the quality was great.

On top of that, what surprised me the most was the rental price of the last-minute sale. We didn’t use this last-minute sale this time because we needed for medium-term use, but there were many properties which were 50% discounted monthly. We found even a monthly property of 200,000 yen was discounted to 100,000 yen monthly.

Next, I would like to rent one for personal short-term use such as workation.

I used to use other several companies which offers monthly contracts, but I sometimes didn’t pass the credit review or it took too long to complete contracts and I ended up booking a hotel or something like that. But you can book a property on the day before or the day of with NOW ROOM, so you feel secure.

Keeyls Co., Ltd's Logo

Keeyls Co., Ltd

With the motto of updating real estate using technology, we carry out everything from construction planning to operation by ourselves.
We also provide key stations, which are the solution of keys.

Hiroshi Wakasa
Keeyls Co., Ltd
Key Station Division
Director COO Hiroshi Wakasa

The trouble of arrangement and management is suddenly gone.

I found NOW ROOM with the app, but I just thought it was for personal use. However, there are many monthly condominiums and rental properties with furniture and home appliances, and we realized that we can use for business trips. We used NOW ROOM for employee training and business trips.
We used to take times to process contracts with an agency company, but we were glad that we could save the trouble of arrangement and management at once, because we could pass the link of the application to an applicant and he can complete booking process.

Prices are clear, and we are relieved that many of the last-minute sale properties are unbelievably reasonable.

What we expect from NOW ROOM in the future, are not only a monthly condominium but also furnished rental for a long-term use.
I think that the demand for renting short-term housing like workation will immediately increase in the future. I think it is necessary that we can find a place to stay whenever we need.
The times have changed and people tend not to own things. We are very satisfied the quality of amenities such as furniture, home appliances and tableware is high, and it is great that we do not need to replace them by our side.

I hope that NOW ROOM become more common to individual, not only corporations.

Sumusapo Co., Ltd's Logo

Sumusapo Co., Ltd

He founded a real estate company in 1999 after experiencing real estate leasing, management, brokerage, and real estate construction. We are trying to solve various problems of rental life through DX of rental management.

Hisatoshi Degawa
Sumusapo Co., Ltd.
CEO Hisatoshi Degawa

Some listed properties

Below is just an example of our listing. We have a variety of properties to meet your needs.
Please contact us for more information.

SUPPORTFor corporate - Secure Service/Safe Service guaranteed

Secure Service
(Contents insurance and liability insurance included.)

Coverage Overview
Rent delinquency guarantee Rent / Management fee Up to 24 months
Residue removal / storage / disposal costs No limit
Expenses related to eviction lawsuit No limit
Restoration fee Amount of two months rent at the time of move-out
Fire Insurance Damage to furniture and appliances 510,000 yen
Repair costs 1 million yen / 1 accident per 1 household
(no out of pocket cost)
Tenant liability compensation
Individual liability compensation
1 accident Up to 20 million yen, each accident
(no out of pocket cost)
Repair costs for water supply and drain pipe 100,000 yen / 1 accident per 1 household
Door lock replacement fee 30,000 yen / 1 robbery
Accident legal consultation fee 10,000 yen / 1 consultation
50,000 yen / 1 accident
Death Insurance Rent compensation for vacancy period
(6 months)
Monthly rent ✕ 50%
(for 6 months compensation)
Rent compensation for discount period
(6 months)
Monthly rent reduction ✕ 50%
Restoration fee 500,000 yen / 1 accident
Accident support fee and legal advice fee 100,000 yen / 1 accident

CONCEIERGESupport from monthly-condominium specialist

No cost for troubleshooting during your stay

Concierge specialized in company housing will support your finding property.

No cost for troubleshooting during your stay

We will support tenants on behalf of a person in charge in your company.
Japanese and English are available.

No hustle of tedious procedure

No need to individually open accounts for your utilities and wifi.
You can use everything immediately after move-in. Next day move-in is available at the earliest.


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